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Paragliding Tandem Flight Gift Certificate for a special adventure!

Paragliding tandem flights at the lake Achensee offers limitless freedom and a natural 

experience par excellence!

Paragliding tandem flying is not just a sport. Hardly any other pastime offers you the possibility of a combination of boundless trust, feelings of happiness, overcoming fears and a fantastic nature experience. Body, mind and soul can be harmoniously balanced within a short time.

After just a few steps, you can start with our experienced pilots in spheres that you have met in the dream so far. The breathtaking landscape of the Achensee offers the perfect backdrop.

Tandem paragliding flight requirement
Tandem paragliding: - Preconditions

As a matter of principle we are trying to offer this extraordinary flying experience to everybody who is interested. It is not necessary to have any special predispositions or knowledge. Nevertheless you should be able to run a few steps for takeoff and landing. Your body weight should not be more than 120 kg (18 stone). When booking, please inform us if you are over 100 kg (15 stone) so that we can adjust our equipment for your requirements. It is also possible for children to take part in tandem paragliding – as long as there is parental consent.

Tandemflying Equipment
Tandem paragliding:
How should I be equipped?

As there are quite big temperature differences we recommend layers of light but warm shirts/sweaters mixed with a windproof on top, a pair of warm gloves, and footwear that gives you excellent ankle support and grip. It should also keep your feet warm and dry. To protect your eyes form the sun and wind you should bring glasses. All the rest of the equipment is provided by us: paraglider, paragliding harness, a suitable paragliding helmet, rescue apparatus.

Tandem paragliding flight take-off point at Lake Achensee
Tandem paragliding: The preparations and takeoff

At the appointed time you and your paragliding pilot go up the mountain by cable car. You get detailed instructions about tandem paragliding. After that the preparations for takeoff are made. The pilot checks all the parameters for the takeoff and gives the last instructions. After starting to run, the pilot pulls up the paraglider and after a few more steps you and the pilot softly take off of the slope.

Call us and we will be happy to help you with your adventure at Lake Achensee
Tandem paragliding:

Our takeoff-areas for the tandem paragliding flights are primarily at lake Achensee. In Maurach we use the cable car of Rofanbahn located at Achensee-Bundes-strasse B181 to get up to the top of the mountain. In Pertisau we use the cable car of Karwendel-bahn to get to the top of the mountain. In winter we use the lifts of the ski resort Christlum Achenkirch – Achensee.

Sarah (4).JPG
Tandem paragliding with groups

To share special experiences and impressions with friends or colleagues is often described by many of our guests as "the best feeling to have". We are glad to offer shared tandem paragliding experiences by either taking off at the same time or taking off one after the other with several tandem pilots. If the thermal allows for it, taking photos of one another during the flight is possible. For larger groups we offer the necessary number of experienced tandem paragliding pilots.

soaring over the lake
Tandem paragliding versus tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving is a tandem parachute jump out of a plane. For tandem paragliding you take off from the ground and the paraglider is already open during the takeoff-period. Tandem paragliding doesn't give you the often frightening feeling of freefall.

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The breathtaking landscape of the Achensee offers the perfect backdrop

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