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Safety first when tandem paragliding

Tandem paragliding: Your safety is our top priority

When you fly tandem with Fly Achensee, your safety is guaranteed! All of our paragliders are state-certified tandem pilots and have many years of flying experience. A paraglider pilot must have knowledge of weather aviation law, flight technology and equipment characteristics. In addition, correct behavior in emergency situations is essential. This is a grant for tandem paragliding on Lake Achensee at the highest level! With us you are guaranteed to be safe - from take-off to landing. Do you still have any concerns? We would be happy to answer your questions, please contact us .
Of course, we use the safest equipment for our tandem paragliding flights

Tandem flying: our equipment

To ensure safety, equipment with the highest quality requirements is required! Did you know the following?

  • The equipment must be constantly checked and provided with a seal of quality.

  • A rescue parachute is always on board.

  • Helmet and gloves are mandatory and you will receive them from us.

  • A back protector protects you from injuries

The weather during tandem paragliding

Our friend:  weather

The weather is the be-all and end-all when it comes to tandem flying. This does not only include weather research via databases, but also experience, because every valley is different. Without exception, we go paragliding only in perfect conditions. This is the only way we can reduce the potential danger and guarantee you absolute safety! Unfortunately, we may sometimes have to cancel or postpone tandem flights even if solo flying is still possible. Did you also know that you can paraglide in Austria all year round? Yes, even in winter! But tandem flights in summer are usually longer than in winter, the thermals make this possible!

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The breathtaking landscape of the Achensee offers the perfect backdrop

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